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ETS 150/5 Random Orbital Finish Sander

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Fine finish specialists

The ETS 150/3 is a favorite for fine sanding and extra-fine sanding, producing an excellent surface finish with a short 1/8″ (3.0 mm) stroke. The ETS 150/5, with a 3/16″ (5.0 mm) stroke, is perfect for light sanding or intermediate sanding. Both feature a rubberized top grip, ergonomic handle, finger tip switch and vibration-stop balancing to reduce the discomfort normally associated with sanding. Jetstream dust extraction improves the surface finish by removing dust particles as they are generated, while at the same time, prolonging pad and abrasive life. With soft-start, step-less speed controls, and constant speed under load, these sanders perform on a level that you are not likely to have experienced.
Multi-Jetstream. Replaces product #571541.

  • Multi-Jetstream dust extraction for cleaner work piece and work environment and up to 30% longer abrasive life.
  • Ergonomically formed to fit your hand for one or two handed operation, with rubberized top grip.
  • MMC electronic controls deliver soft-start, step-less variable speed control, and constant speed under load.
  • StickFix fast and easy abrasive removal with resilient pad hooks and hard-wearing fabric backing, leading to longer abrasive and pad life

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Filter bag with holder
Plug-it power cord
StickFix sanding pad soft
Dust extraction port(27 mm)
Pad diameter6" (150 mm)
Power consumption310 watts / 2.6 amps 120 v AC
Sanding Stroke3/16" (5 mm)
Speed6,000 - 10,500 opm
Weight4 lbs. (1.8 kg)

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