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Carvex PSBC 420 EB Carvex Cordless - 561753

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Tackle your most demanding (and remote) applications with the robust and versatile new Carvex Cordless Jigsaws. Designed to deliver the same performance as their corded counterparts while taking advantage of the tool-less base change platform, these revolutionary jigsaws will have you forgetting that you’ve cut the cord.

Precise – With automatic blade guidance, stroboscopic lights, and zero-clearance Splinterguards, the Carvex lets you cut straight and true, with virtually zero tearout!

Versatile – A revolutionary tool-less base change system delivers the most versatile, adaptable jigsaw cutting system you’ve ever experienced.

Durable – Brushless motors and a robust design ensure that the Carvex can handle not only your toughest materials, but the toughest conditions as well.

Battery, 18V, 4.2Ah (1)
Chip Guard
Jigsaw Blades for Wood (2)
Battery Life~120 feet in 1-9/16" particle board
Blade TypeUniversal T-Shank
Cutting Depth, Non-Ferrous Metal3/4"
Cutting Depth, Steel3/8"
Cutting Depth, Wood4-3/4"
Motor TypeEC-TEC Brushless
Power Consumption400 Watts
Stroke Length1"
Stroke SpeedUp to 3,800
SystainerSYS 1 T-LOC

Watch Joshua Weir discusses how he relies on the precision and capabilities of Festool jigsaws for his most demanding projects. In this case, the project he’s cutting complex radii in materials that cost $500 per sheet, leaving no room for error or poor cut quality. The Festool Carvex 420 allows Josh to makes these complex cuts with ease and confidence. Listen to his story to learn more about his project and incorporation of Festool jigsaws.
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